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About Us

Tactical Tracker Training School
Tactical Tracker Training School LLC. Is the premier Tactical Visual Mantracking School for Military and Law Enforcement Trackers.  Our CADRE of professional experienced instructors travel world wide destinations teaching the art and science of Tracking our fellow man and understanding what took place the time he had past that way.   Check out the website www.tacticaltracker.com 

Larry Wilkinson President TTTS
A US Navy Veteran, Larry's tracking experience dates back to the 1960's as a boy scout.  His father was a career soldier in the US Army and member of Special Forces. As a boy scout, he learned tracking from the scout leaders who were also US Army SF.  Later, while in the Navy, attended a jungle warfare school which enhanced his abilities.  In the late 1980's and early 90's, worked as an IC in central and South America combating the war on drugs. Among other duties, was Tracker.  After leaving Law Enforcement, he contracted to teach US Marines (East and West Coast) the Combat Hunter, Tracker course to instructors as SME.

Later worked with David Scott-Donelan's company to teach members of the US Military Combat Tracking.  While in Southern Arizona, worked operational combating drug and human smuggling while teaching Tactical Tracking to members of US CBP and AZ National Parks Special Rangers.

After Leaving Arizona in 2010, Larry founded Tactical Tracker Training School LLC (TTTS) working in conjunction with good friend, David Scott-Donelan training military and Law Enforcement Officers in the Rhodesian style of Tactical mantracking.

Talon Wilkinson Program Director TTTS
Talon has been a TTTS instructor for the past three years, having tracked in a operational environment on the US/MEX boarder and completing the TTTS 600 hour instructor course.  Having worked DOD contracts out of Fayetteville, NC, Albuquerque, NM, Ft. Fisher, NC and Sierra Vista, AZ; Talon acts as Program Director for TTTS as well as Lead Instructor in Tactical / Combat Mantracking courses, Land Navigation, Rural Surveillance, and Tactical Firearms training courses.

Dan Baldridge (Dano) Instructor: US Army SF Retired
Dano has worked as an instructor with TTTS and as Director of Operations sense 2010.  His tracking experience dates back into the 1980's with expertise in all aspects of mantracking on the tactical level. His professionalism as an instructor dates well into his military career and has been a welcome asset to TTTS.  Along with his prior tracking experience, he has also completed the TTTS 600 hour instructor course.

Robert Lambert
A recent contributor to a 24 month special JIEDDO program in Iraq, Rob has been recognized for exceptional expertise and facilitating combat multi CIED-EOD Tracking concepts in Iraq and Afghanistan in support to DOD/DOE clients in Counter Terrorism & National DOD Security operations. He has over 15+ years in Special Forces, and several special programs as Intelligence Director, Program Manager, and Deputy Director of Operations with several diversified million dollar companies.  He has extensive experience in a JIEDDO special program which involved Combat Tracking CIED Forensics, Biometrics training and his concept of operations was well received in both theaters of operations with WIT/WIT EOD.